Tube Rentals and River Supplies

With continuous shuttles, you can start your river adventure at your leisure. Tubing is fun and relaxing for the whole family. Landa RV and Landa River Trips has the longest Comal River tube float. We have regular tubes, tubes with bottoms cooler tubes and river supplies. Plus...Free parking.

Please click here for full list of what you can and cannot have on the river.

Things to bring or wear:

Tubes Rentals

Deposits required on tubes. Cash or check only.
All Tubes (regular & bottoms) w/one shuttle ride - $15.00/cash | $17.00/credit
Personals Tubes w/one shuttle ride
(Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
- $15.00/cash | $17.00/credit
Personals Tubes w/one shuttle ride
(Weekdays only | no holidays)
- $10.00
Extra shuttle ride - $5.00
Shuttle ride with your own tubes - $10.00
Cooler Tubes
(includes tube, ice chest and 1/2 bag ice)
- $23 + $20 deposit

River Supplies

Forgot something? We offer the following: